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Alex J Milan is the author of The Last Carriage and The Ghosts of Summer. Alex was born in England but set off to discover the world and never quite got round to going back. She has lived and worked in several countries, including Italy, the inspiration and setting for her debut novel, The Last Carriage. Her second novel, The Ghosts of Summer was published in spring 2021. She lives on the shores of the Mediterranean and is working on her next novel.


Her books can be found on Barnes & Noble, Kobo and also on Amazon sites worldwide. They are available for purchase as both paperbacks and eBooks.


If you would like to obtain a signed copy of a book, or if you are a member of a book club and you would like me to join your group for a chat, please contact alexjmilanbooks@yahoo.com for further information.

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The Last Carriage

April 2020

In 1992, seven-year-old Francesco De Luca is torn away from his family home in Italy and has to start a new life in England. Twenty-six years later, Francesco's wife ,Lauren, dies in circumstances which leave him plagued with doubts about their life together.

In mourning for his wife, Francesco returns to Italy, hoping to reconnect with his long-lost family. Failing to find them and haunted by the mystery surrounding Lauren's death, Francesco struggles to cope. Then a chance encounter changes his life forever. However, as Francesco discovers, sometimes there are more questions than answers.

The Last Carriage is a  captivating and moving story of loss, identity and the search for the truth, set primarily against a stunning Italian backdrop.



The Ghosts of Summer is now available.





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The Last Carriage has been featured in the Rome pages of the award-winning Italy travel blog, ShegoWandering.

Listen to a radio interview with Alex. More details to follow.

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